Ram Bio Zinc Liquid/ Granular

Mode of Action:-

  • Zinc is one of the main micronutrient content of plants and its deficiency may result in unhealthy plants leading to lower yield.
  • Ram Bio Zinc bacteria also secrets organic acids which help mobilize free zinc and making it available to the plants.
  • The Zinc bacteria obtain nutrients by oxidizing iron and sulfur with oxygen and it also brings down pH of soil and helps in reclaiming alkaline soil.
  • Ram Bio Zinc improves availability of zinc in soil and appropriate for all crops
  • It increase crop yield and improves soil health, maintains soil pH by raising nutrient content.

Dosage: – use Ram Bio Zinc, in granular 5-10 kg/acre and in liquid 500-1000 ml/acre, dosage also depends upon crop/plant stage.

Application: – Nursery, Seed Treatment, Seedling Treatment, Soil field application and drip irrigation.

Crops: – Paddy, Wheat, Pulses, Sugarcane, cotton, sorghum, Maize, Barley, medicinal plants, all types of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

To Full-fill The All Nutrition Requirement In Each And Every Crop

We Aims To Be A Leader In Specialized (Micronutrient , Bio Fertilizer) Sustainable & Cost Effective Agricultural Inputs.

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