Ram Baan

Mode of Action:-

  • Organic manure provides all the nutrients that are required by plants but in limited quantities
  • It helps in maintaining C:N ratio in the soil and also increases the fertility and productivity of the soil.
  • It improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil.
  • It improves both the structure and texture of the soils.
  • It increases the water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Due to increase in the biological activity, the nutrients that are in the lower depths are made available to the plants.
  • It acts as much, thereby minimizing the evaporation losses of moisture   from the soil.

Benefits for Crop:-

  •       Ram Baan growers are seeing a general decline in soil fertility, meaning that the same levels of fertilizer are no longer delivering the same crop response.
  •        Light sandy soils are having difficulty holding nutrients and nutrients are leaching away from the root zone too quickly.
  •        Soil PH and salinity are impacting on soil structure and fertility.
  •        Irrigation water is not percolating or being held in the root zone long enough to benefit plant growth.

Dosage:- For better result, 2-6 KG/Acre, Use dosage based on crop and its growth stage of pant.

Application:- Nursery, Seed Treatment of plant, Seedling treatment, Soil Field Application & Drip Irrigation.

Crops:- Wheat, Paddy, Pulses, Beans, Maize, Barley, Sugarcane, Sorghum, any types of Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables

To Full-fill The All Nutrition Requirement In Each And Every Crop

We Aims To Be A Leader In Specialized (Micronutrient , Bio Fertilizer) Sustainable & Cost Effective Agricultural Inputs.

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