Crop Rocket

Mode of Action:-

  • Crop Rocket is non-ionic sticker, spreader is highly concentrated low foam non ionic surfactant.
  • Crop rocket is designed to increase the absorption and translocation of systemic pesticides products by reducing surface tension of spray droplets which increase effectiveness of agricultural insecticides, fungicides by breaking down the waxy cuticle on leaf surface and improve adhesion between the pesticides and plant surface.
  •  Crop rocket penetrates waxy leaf surface and enhances the rate of absorption and enables spray fluid on moisten the plant surface.

Dosage:-for better sticker/spreader result in crop/plant, use Crop rocket 2-2.5 ml/liter of water and easily mixed with any other fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide.

Application: – For Foliar spray, mix with another fertilizer for better sticking agent, spreading agent over the crop/plant.

Crops: – Paddy, Wheat, Pulses, Sugarcane, cotton, sorghum, Maize, Barley, medicinal plants, all types of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

To Full-fill The All Nutrition Requirement In Each And Every Crop

We Aims To Be A Leader In Specialized (Micronutrient , Bio Fertilizer) Sustainable & Cost Effective Agricultural Inputs.

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